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What to consider when shopping for home dental supplies

Toothbrushes in black glassAt the practice of Dr. Baban Mahal, patients in the area of Granite Bay, CA, have access to a knowledgeable and skilled dental professional that can assist in helping those interested in achieving and maintaining oral health and wellness. When it comes to keeping the mouth clean, patients have a variety of tools at their disposal in order to achieve the results they desire. Our team of professionals can educate you on the tools you need to use at home between dental visits to avoid the development of problems such as periodontal disease and tooth decay.

Use the right instruments to maintain a healthy smile!

Below are a few of the tools used to achieve oral health:

  • It is best that you pick a toothbrush that is comfortable for you to use and that will reach all of your teeth. Be sure to replace your toothbrush every three or four months or sooner if the bristles become frayed or if you have recently been ill.
  • When choosing a toothpaste, look for one that contains fluoride. Fluoride helps to protect the teeth from cavities and can be beneficial in protecting the smile from decay and disease.
  • Mouthwash can help to remove food and plaque from your teeth and gums. Be sure to choose a mouthwash that does not contain alcohol, as this can dry out your mouth. If you have certain dental health concerns, such as bad breath or periodontal disease, your dentist may make a mouthwash recommendation for you or provide a prescription.
  • Flossing removes plaque and food particles from between your teeth and along the gum line. Be sure to floss daily, using a gentle back-and-forth motion.

Learn more about oral healthcare

Taking care of your mouth is important for overall health. Be sure to brush, floss, and visit the dentist regularly to keep problems at bay. By choosing the right products for your mouth, you can help to keep your smile healthy and bright! In Granite Bay, CA, patients are welcome to call 916-800-5001 to request an appointment with Dr. Baban Mahal and her team to discuss your dental health and wellness.

Dentist exam of young teen girl teeth.

Five Tips to Improve Oral Health

Dentist exam of young teen girl teeth.

Oral health is essential to preventing dental problems. However, dental issues can also affect other parts of your body. For example, bacteria in the mouth may lead to respiratory and digestive diseases. The good news is that office visits can improve your health and well-being.

What Are Some Signs I Should Improve Oral Health?

  • You have red or swollen gums 
  • You have tender or bleeding gums 
  • You experience worsening breath
  • You have sensitive teeth
  • Your teeth are getting loose
  • You experience pain when chewing food
  • Your bite feels uneven 
  • Your gums are receding 

Five Ways To Improve Oral Health 

The foundation of excellent dental health is prevention. However, it’s not too late to incorporate healthier habits! Start smiling brighter today. 


Proper brushing is the first step to good oral health. The ADA recommends brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes each time. Also, ADA-accepted fluoride toothpaste can help fight cavities. Replacing your toothbrush every three months is a good rule of thumb, or sooner if the bristle is worn. 


Daily flossing is a necessary component of excellent hygiene while removing hard-to-reach plaque. Plaque hardens teeth over time and forms tartar. Only a professional can remove tartar once it develops.


Using mouthwash daily is another step to improving your smile. When searching for a good mouthwash, the ADA Seal of Acceptance is the gold standard for killing bacteria safely and effectively. 


A healthy, balanced diet can positively impact your teeth and gums. Limit sugary food items and drinks. Instead, say yes to fibrous fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and dairy products. Reducing snacking throughout the day can also help combat tooth decay. 


Last but not least, regular examinations and cleanings are a big piece of improving oral health. Maintaining teeth and gums can help prevent cavities and diseases. Routine x-rays are also suitable for preventing and diagnosing dental problems. 

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Know the Signs of Tooth Decay

Man in pain holding his cheek with hand, suffering from bad tooth acheOur best health is maintained when we take care of all parts of the body. This includes the smile. Having a healthy smile means you are more likely to love the appearance of this facial feature. It also means that there is less of a chance that you’ll experience dental pain of any kind. Oral health is also integral to general health because a healthy mouth has fewer harmful bacteria creating inflammation and infection in the mouth and beyond. You may take great care of your teeth via daily brushing and flossing. Still, you should know how to recognize the signs of tooth decay so, if you notice them, you can address the issue before a full-fledged cavity forms. We’ll discuss some of the most common signs here.

The signs that a cavity may be forming include:

  • Tooth sensitivity. If you can normally eat hot or cold foods with no discomfort and, suddenly, that ice cream or hot soup causes pain in a tooth, it could be that a cavity is developing.
  • Pressure. Sometimes, when a cavity is just forming, a tooth may not hurt but may feel pressure when biting or chewing.
  • Toothache. This is the symptom we usually associate with cavities. A toothache for a minor cavity may feel like throbbing or aching pain that lasts more than a couple of days.
  • Gum inflammation. Where there is a cavity forming, there are bacteria. Bacteria don’t stay put at all times, they may move from the decayed part of the tooth to the gum line. Here, their acidic byproducts cause redness, swelling, and maybe even some bleeding when you brush or floss your teeth.
  • Spotting or pitting. A brown or dark spot on a tooth may be one of the first indications of a worsening cavity. Where the spot is, eventually a pit will form as the tooth degrades bit-by-bit.

Treating Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is one of the most common problems treated in dental offices around the world. It is also one of the most preventable dental conditions. If you’re brushing and flossing daily and still struggling with cavities, talk to your dentist. Perhaps there are ways you can improve your oral hygiene practices to make them more efficient. Maybe you can benefit from more frequent professional cleanings or dental sealant treatment. If you are noticing even one of the signs of tooth decay that we’ve mentioned here, don’t hesitate to schedule a dental exam. The earlier that care is provided for a forming cavity, the more conservative it can be and the more tooth structure we can save.

We provide friendly, professional care that seeks to prevent tooth decay. When necessary, Dr. Mahal performs restorative treatment to address this issue as conservatively as possible. Contact our Granite Bay office at 916.800.5001 to schedule your visit today.

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