Bite Adjustments

Bite Abnormalities

To correct bite abnormalities, neuromuscular dentists design long-term treatment plans that are focused on allowing the jaws to be optimally positioned. Some methods of treatment include custom dental splints, orthodontic devices or dental restorations.

Patient Testimonial

"Dr.Mahal is excellent dentist.She makes sure her pts are comfortable and are well taken care of.All my appts with her have been great. She is very thorough and highly professional. I like her conservative approach and appreciate time spent on treatment planning." - H.K.

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At our Granite Bay office, Dr. Baban Mahal offers the latest treatment options for patients with bite misalignment. Call (916) 800-5001 today or fill out our appointment request form for a personalized meeting with Dr. Mahal. Our practice serves Sacramento and the surrounding areas of California!

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