Full Face Orthodontics

What is full-face orthodontics?

Full Mouth OrthodonticsContrary to traditional orthodontics, full-face orthodontics not only focuses on moving teeth to their proper position, but it addresses jaw development issues. While traditional orthodontics utilizes extraction of teeth and surgery to bring teeth into their proper position, full-face orthodontics uses a growth appliance known as Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance (AGGA). AGGA treatment makes it possible to avoid extraction of teeth and expensive and painful jaw surgery by applying light pressure on the nasopalatine nerve which runs through the palate. This gentle and safe technique triggers the growth hormone which promotes growth of the entire midface including the upper jaw in adults and children. The lower jaw simultaneously and naturally follows the changes happening. New bone forms, causing the jaws to be more fully developed in a face forward direction. Once this step of orthopedic stimulation has been achieved, the next phase utilizes braces to straighten the teeth in the newly established bone.

As a result of this safe and gentle physiological technique, the teeth are straight, and the jaws are more correctly sized and positioned. This will be observed through noticing a more beautiful face and allowing the tongue to position more properly in the mouth because it has the room. In turn, this improves breathing, the health of TM joints, and posture of the cervical spine.

Full-face orthodontics focuses on addressing the body as a whole; achieving optimal physiology and the healthiest, happiest smile that you were meant to have.

Who is a candidate for full-face orthodontics?

  • Those who suffer with breathing issues, headaches or migraines.
  • Those who have an asymmetrical facial structure
  • If you’ve been told you will require surgery to correct TMJ or had your TMJ treated with splint therapy
  • If you’ve been told you need dental extractions in order to straighten your teeth or
  • If you’ve been told you require jaw surgery to correct your bite.
  • If you have painful jaws or difficulty chewing certain foods

Patient Testimonial

"Dr. Mahal and her team are top notch! They have the latest technology and equipment making the experience that much better. Dr. Mahal is genuine and cares for her patients. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else."- MF

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